The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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As I went a walking way down by the greenwood
Down where the ivy and laurel entwine
I heard a bird singing a sad, plaintive love song
He mourned for his true love as I mourned for mine

Ever the winds keep on changing their journey
Ever the waves keep on changing the sea
Ever green summer keeps changing to autumn
My true love has changed, but there's no change in me

I brought my love flowers all tied up with ribbons
Soon the sweet flowers were faded and gone
Like the flowers, my true love's affections have withered
Which leaves me alone here to pine and to mourn


My constant companions are sadness and sorrow
Trouble has never forsaken me yet
But wherever I go 'til my days are all numbered
The love of my soul, I will never forget



- Words and music by Tommy Makem
In Dromiskin, Aug., 1966
Copyright 1966