The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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(air: 'The maid of Ballydoo')

As I walked out one evening near a place they call Tramore
My legs were very tired and my feet were very sore
I was feeling very thirsty after eating salty grub
When lady luck directed me to Mrs. Rockett's Pub

Here's a health to Mrs. Rockett and it's long she may remain
To quench the thirst of travellers in sun and snow and rain
Her porter is the creamiest, her whiskey pure and sweet
You may search the pubs of Ireland, Mrs. Rockett's can't be beat

There were some men drinking whiskey punch and others pints of beer
And some were drinking porter and they all were in good cheer
And ladies sipping sherry wine, the finest ever seen
And an old lad in the corner, he was eating a crubeen


The Pope may praise the vatican, the Queen praise Buckingham
There's some may praise the Taj Mahal or a palace in Siam
And all the lords and ladies, they may boast about their club
But they needn't think they've lived at all, 'til they've been to Rockett's Pub



- Words by Tommy Makem
in a plane over Canada, early 1966
Copyright 1966