The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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Paddy Kelly is my name, making poteen is my game
And I live away up there behind the hill
I can make a drop that's pure and there's nothing it won't cure
It surpasses any medicine or pill

For it tastes as sweet as honey as it trickles down your throat
It looks as clear and pure as morning dew
It can make a fellow sing though he didn't have a note
Won't you try a drop of Paddy Kelly's Brew

It can cure your rheumatism, it can cure a wheezy chest
It can cure you of the gout and gallstones too
It cures toothache, headache, backache, falling hair and all the rest
Fallen arches, corns and bunions and the flu


Any summer day you'll find be poaching salmon in the glen
Or setting snares for rabbits on the hill
But the nicest thing of all is when evening shadows fall
Just to watch the bottles filling from my still


I've a pound or two to spend, I've a bottle for a friend
I've got customers galore who buy my brew
At a wedding or a wake, I supply the stuff they take
And I keep a good supply the whole year through


Now, I know you will confess that the world is in a mess
And the politicians don't know what to do
I'll supply them with a plan that will cure the ills of man
Throw away the guns and hand out Kelly's Brew


- Words and music by Tommy Makem
On a plane from Dublin to Boston
Sep., 1971
Copyright 1976