The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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There are blossoms on the hawthorn
That scent the morning breeze
And the oak and the ash and the copper beech
Are covered down with leaves
And the road is white in the morning light
As it runs down from my door
And the lark is high in the golden sky
And I'm on my way once more

Down Summer Roads all full of turns and bends
Summer Roads that lead to all my friends
Summer Roads by summer streams
Where I live all my winter dreams
And the good times always start down Summer Roads

There is music all around me
In every bush and tree
And the cuckoo and the corncrake
Keep calling out ot me
And the linnet's song rings all day long
To greet me as I go
And as I pass in the roadside grass
The magpie nods "Hello"


In the quiet of the evening
I rosin up my bow
And I start in nice and easy
With something sweet and slow
There's a faster beat in the village street
And the friends all start to sway
And the fiddle sings and the laughter rings
And they dance 'til the break of day


There's a corner in my memory
Where all the good times stay
In all my summer ramblings
There are good times every day
'Round every bend, I find a friend
A welcome and a smile
And pleasant hours in fields of flowers
A memory every mile



- Words and music by Tommy Makem
In Cork on Jan. 19, 1982
Copyright 1982