The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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There's a black crow sitting on a bare oak tree
And the winter sun is low
And it's painting shadows on the old brown hills
And the meadows down below
But when Mary walks those misty fields
It's like a summer's day
For sunshine goes where Mary goes
To light her on her way

Blue eyed Mary, lovely Mary
Blue eyed Mary, the love light of my soul

There's a blackbird singing in a green oak tree
And the song is sweet and clear
To welcome crocuses and daffodils
In the springing of the year
But when Mary sings her golden songs
The birds are hushed and still
And spring is sweeter than before
On every flowering hill


Oh Mary is fairer than the brightest dawn
Or the sweetest flower in May
But it was her tenderness and gentle soul
That stole my heart away
And where Mary goes, I'll follow her
'Til time has ceased to be
For yesterday, she kissed my lips
And gave her love to me



- Words and music by Tommy Makem
Jan., 1982
Copyright 1982