The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues


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Up the Stairs

The Makem and Spain Brothers



CD (2009)

Track Listing

  1. crossroads ceili
  2. maggie lauder
  3. nancy o
  4. it's been a very hard year
  5. three nights and a sunday
  6. bright eyed girl from keady
  7. to welcome poor paddy home
  8. dido bendigo
  9. pat and bridget
  10. kitty from baltimore
  11. they say he wouldn't dance
  12. tavern down by the harbour
  13. the lightkeeper
  14. fare you well

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Home Away From Home

The Makem and Spain Brothers



CD (2008)

Track Listing

  1. outlawed rapparee
  2. introductions
  3. never get their man
  4. annie intro
  5. when annie took me home
  6. ha'penny Intro
  7. ha'penny bridge
  8. william kidd
  9. spain brother
  10. the jolly beggar
  11. my old man
  12. lord nelson
  13. rosa marie
  14. bound for home
  15. the wild colonial boy
  16. magpie lullaby
  17. home away intro
  18. home away from home

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The Makem and Spain Brothers



CD (2006)

Track Listing

  1. highland paddy
  2. macpherson's rant
  3. mingulay boat song
  4. new south wales
  5. whiskey row
  6. the smuggler
  7. congo river
  8. goodbye to the thirty foot trailer
  9. road to gundagai
  10. liberty
  11. jolly waggoner
  12. queensland whalers
  13. when we danced in donegal
  14. calling me home

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Like Others Did Before Us

The Makem and Spain Brothers



CD (2005)

Track Listing

  1. road to gundagai
  2. wild and restless foam
  3. leezie lindsay
  4. sound the pibroch
  5. fincairn flax
  6. whiskey row
  7. willie's gone awa'
  8. down in the valley
  9. paddy kelly
  10. freedom on the wallaby
  11. slan abhaile
  12. three drunken maidens
  13. ha'penny bridge

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Stand Together

The Makem Brothers



CD (2004)

Track Listing

  1. farewell to the rhonda
  2. lean and unwashed tiffy
  3. tinker's wedding
  4. blackbird
  5. captain kidd
  6. stand together
  7. love, won't you marry me
  8. come to the bower
  9. spanish stars
  10. fireship
  11. I'll neither spin nor weave
  12. liberty
  13. kerry recruit
  14. crabber's claw

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Fields to the Stones

The Spain Brothers



CD (3051)

Track Listing

  1. queensland whalers
  2. seven days of the week
  3. the springhill disaster
  4. captain mike
  5. the net hauling song
  6. never get their man
  7. calling me home
  8. fields to the stones
  9. the jolly waggoner
  10. i will go with my father plowing
  11. north by north
  12. dublin jack of all trades
  13. cotton mill girls

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Who Fears to Speak

The Makem Brothers



CD (2003)

Track Listing

  1. memory of the dead
  2. sean bhean-bhocht
  3. the boys of wexford
  4. bold robert emmet
  5. kelly the boy from killane
  6. tom mcardle
  7. roddy mccorley
  8. general monroe
  9. bodenstown churchyard
  10. henry joy
  11. twenty men from dublin town
  12. rising of the moon
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