The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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When I was just a young man, my father said to me
You can roam the wide world over when you are young and free
But wherever you may wander, wherever you may roam
Cape Breton of the welcomes will always call you home

From Cape North down to the Canso Straights, I've wandered
all the way
I've seen the sparkling waters flow into Sydney Bay
From Iverness to Landsburgh, your earth, your sea, your sky
Cape Breton of the welcomes. I'll love you 'til I die

Well, I roamed the wide world over to see what I could find
Cape Breton of the welcomes was always on my mind
I thought about the friends I left behind in old Glencoe
Port Hood, Mabou and Margaree and how I missed them so


I'll raise a toast to all my friends within your rocky shore
Whatever treasures they may have, I wish them ten times more
I'll sing your praise, my island from sea to shining sea
Cape Breton of the welcomes you're all the world to me


- Words and music by Tommy Makem
In Canada, 1972
Sent for copyright Aug., 1983