The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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Now brave boys I'm touching on sixty, but I'm very spry
And you can't find a man that has tried his luck more times than I
For years I've looked around for a woman with a few spare pound
I know I can find her and I'll tell thee why

Oh the casn't kill cooch will never die
No, the casn't kill cooch, no matter just how much they try
When things go wrong boys, don't curse nor fret
Call the casn't kill cooch and I'll get there yet

Well once I were courtin' a pretty little girl up on Ark Tree Hill
Not just because her father had a farm and a cider mill
But one day he says "John, they got to hurry on"
For his love of his little brown jug was more than the love of his Jill

Ah, then there were Janey from Oakton Janey what a girl was she
Fine fat legs like a couple of branches on a chestnut tree
But it were just the same, she said "I know his game
I know what I'm after and he hasn't got any"

Well now brave boys, my story has ended and I know it's true
Sun is shining and he's gotta make hay while the sun shines through
Every dog must have his day, but I hope you won't forget
While there's life there's hoping and there's life in the old dog yet