The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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I took my love out for a walk in the merry month of May
The birds were singing sweetly as we went along our way
She said she loved me dearly and to me she would prove true
If you will stay with me my love, sure I will stay with you

We strolled along the dam, the birds sang loud and gay
It was there I met my little brunette and she stole my heart away
Her cheeks they were like roses red and her skin was white as snow
She was the darling of my heart and the pride of the Springfield

Now, we'll be getting married, for she has named the day
And happy we'll be together as we go along our way
We'll have a tiny little house and a garden for to till
We'll bring our children up like us to work in the cotton mill


I'll bid yous all good evening, for now I must away
I'm off to see her parents and to hear what they will say
She says they'll treat me kindly and our glasses they will fill
And drink a toast to the bride and groom that work in the cotton mill