The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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I could feel the west wind blowing, I could hear the seabirds call
I could see you standing waving as we left the old North Wall
Many thousand miles before me on the blue and windy sea
Lonely miles and lonely hours lie between my love and me

Rolling home, rolling home, rolling home across the sea
Rolling home to darlin' Dublin, rolling home my love to thee

I have sailed the Indian Ocean, walked on Egypt's burning sand
Seen New Zealand's misty mountains, worked all through Van Dieman's Land
But my heart kept ever turning to the place I'd left behind
And the girl whose love sustained me, she was always on my mind


Call all hands to man the capstain, see the cable running clear
Pull her 'round and with a will boys, for old Ireland we will steer
Clear your sheets and man your halyards, let the home bound breezes blow
There's a mighty welcome waiting in the land to which I go



- Words by Tommy Makem
Music traditional
Copyright 1987