The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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One new year's eve in Glasgow town
When all we had was half a crown
A bunch of us thought we'd prowl around
And find some fun in Rothsea-O
We wandered down Victoria Street
We didn't care much for snow or sleet
And at half past two with achin' feet
We found ourselves in Rothsea-O

A dithum a doo a dum a dee
A dithum a doo a dad a no
A dithum a doo a dum a dee
The night we went to Rothsea-O

Tom Clancy here, he's a bit of a lout
Said he'd treat us all to a pint of stout
So as quick as we could we all set out
For a public house in Rothsea-O
Said I "My lads I'd like to sing"
Says I "You'll do no such a thing"
I said "Clear the room and we'll make a ring
And I'll fight ye all in Rothsea-O"

We had to find a place to sleep
We were all too drunk to even creep
We found a place that was really cheap
In a boarding house in Rothsea-O
We all laid down to take our ease
When somebody happened for to sneeze
And he wakened half a million fleas
In a single room in Rothsea-O

There were several different kinds of pests
They ran and they jumped inside our vests
They got in our hair and they built their nests
And cried "Hurrah for Rothsea-O"
Says I "I think I'll head for home"
And we swore we never more would roam
And we're scratching still as we sing this poem
Of the night we went to Rothsea-O