The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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Go down to the water's rim
And hear the water's roll
And the music of their lonely hymn
Will seep into your soul
And penetrate your very bones
And steal your heart away
With ever-changing undertones
To haunt you night and day

Listen by the rocky shore
You'll hear the sea birds cry
A song you've never heard before
To mermaids passing by
And hear the mermaids answering
In murmurs soft and sweet
Above the small waves whispering
And sighing at your feet

Rolling like a timpani
The wild waves pound the shore
Crescendo of a symphony
The thund'ring ocean's roar
Sometimes you'll hear lost sailors moans
Across that storm-wrecked sea
The locker of old Davy Jones
Keeps them eternally

Listen very carefully
And learn the magic tales
Of men and maids and life at sea
Of seals and sharks and whales
And when you've learned the watery lore
Of all these mystic things
Your heart will sing for ever more
The songs the water sings

- Words and music by Tommy Makem
On Jan. 4, 1985
For Chuck and Ed Ward of "Blarney"
Album notes for their "Home from the sea" album