The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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Good luck to all here now barring the cat
That's sitting so solemnly there on the mat
Quit your philandering boys, and behave
And saving your favours, I'll chant you a stave
I come from the land where the praties grow big
And boys neat and handy can whirl in a jig
And girls it would charm your heart for to see
They're darling colleens around Tanderagee

So here's to the boys who are happy and gay
Singing and dancing and tearing away
Rolicksome, frolicsome, frisky and free
The rollicking boys around Tanderagee

No doubt you have heard of Killarney, I'm sure
And sweet Inishowen for a drop of the pure
Dublin's the place for the strawberry beds
And Donnybrook fair for the breaking of heads
Did you ever see an Irishman dancing poltogue?
How he'll face up his partner and turn up his brogue?
He'd twist at the buckle and bend at the knee
Ach, they're wonderful dancers 'round Tanderagee


Now, where is the man either Christian or Turk
Could equal our brave Robert Emmet or Burke?
Or where was the speaker could speak up like Dan?
Ach! devil another, bad luck to the one!
Or where is the one could sing like Tom Moore?
His melodies charmed all care from our door
But we'll beat them all yet and that you will see
For we're rearing fine lads around Tanderagee


It's the ould jaunting car has the elegant joult
And Derry's the place that is famed for a hoult
Among the green bushes that grow in Tyrone
And the County Fermanagh for muscle and bone
For coortin' and blarney and fun at the fair
There's none that can equal the rakes of Kildare
Green Erin, my country is the gem of the sea
And the gem of green Erin is Tanderagee