The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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Come with me and I'll take you to the land of my fathers
Where wild heather mountains look out to the sea
You will find hearts as kind as the soft winds of summer
And a warm welcome waiting for you and for me

In that land of song and story
In that land where legends dwell
In that land enshrined in glory
In that land, that land I love so well

Let your feet walk the green hills where heros have battled
For freedom and honour and glory and right
Where the birds sing the praises of men who were gallant
The first in the fray and the last to take flight


You can roam the sweet meadows when the flowers are all blooming
Or fish the bright waters forgetting all care
You can sing with the lark when she welcomes the morning
Or hunt for the pheasant, the fox and the hare


If your bones they are weary and your mind is uneasy
The struggle with life, it is taking its toll
Come with me to a green land of laughter and legend
There's rest for the body and peace for the soul


- Words and music by Tommy Makem
On a plane to Ireland, 1971
Copyright 1975