The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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And it's three score and ten boys and men, we're lost from Grimsby town
From Yarmouth down to Scarborough many hundreds more were drowned
Our herring craft, our trawlers, our fishing smacks as well
They long to fight the bitter night and battle with the swell

Me thinks I see a host of craft and they spreading their sails alee
As down the harbor they do glide all bound for the northern sea
Me thinks I see on each small craft a crew with hearts so brave
Going out to earn their daily bread upon the restless waves

Me thinks I see them yet again as the leave this land behind
Casting their nets into the sea, the herring shoals to find
Me thinks I see them yet again and they all on board alright
With their nets close reefed and their decks cleaned up and their side lights burning bright

October's night brought such a sight, 'twas never seen before
There was masts and yards and broken spars come washed up on the shore
There was many a heart of sorrow, there was many a heart so brave
There was many a fine and hearty lad to find the watery grave