The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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Don't sing me those happy love songs
Sing me something sad and slow
Just sing a song to suit my troubles
My love's gone, I'm feeling low

I've got a heart that's full of sorrow
The one I love left me behind
Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow
But today I've got trouble on my mind
I've got trouble on my mind

Just outside my bedroom window
There's a lovely willow tree
And I ask it night and morning
"Willow tree, won't you weep for me?"


Pain and woe will be your fortune
When you find your love untrue
It's very hard to love somebody
When you know they don't love you


The moon and stars will leave the heavens
And the fish will leave the sea
You'll find roses in a snowdrift
When my love comes back to me


- Words and Music by Tommy Makem
Copyright 1968