The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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Oh, my feet are weary on a road that leads to nowhere
And my mind keeps turning backwards evermore
To where misty covered mountains raise their heads into the heavens
And gaze upon that blue Pacific shore

Vancouver, Vancouver
When I get back, I never more will roam
Vancouver, Vancouver
Vancouver, I'm coming home

Now, there was a pretty girl I knew before I left Vancouver
And we walked hand in hand by English Bay
And she told me that she loved me when the moon was on the waters
And I promised I'd return to her some day


Oh, I want to walk your hilly streets and on your sandy beaches
And I want to talk to people who are kind
If this lonesome train keeps rolling, then I'll see you in the morning
And maybe then, I'll get some peace of mind


- Words and music by Tommy Makem