The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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Oh woe be to the orders that marched my love awa'
And woe be to the cruel cause that gars my tears down fa'
And woe be to the foreign wars of high Germany
For they have ta'en my love and left a broken heart wi' me

The drums beat in the morning before the screecht o' day
And the wee, wee fifes played loud and shrill, while yet the morn was grey
And the bonny flags were all unfurled, a gallant sight to see
When I went there to see my love embark for Germany

As I looked o'er the broad blue sea as long as could be seen
To a wee bit sail upon the ship my soldier lad was in
And oh, the wind blowed sair and snell and the ship sailed speedily
And the waves and cruel wars have ta'en my winsome love frae me