The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues
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(air: 'Dumbarton's drums')

I've walked the hills when rain was falling
Rested by a wide oak tree
Heard a lark sing high at evening
Caught a moonbeam on the sea

Softly blow ye winds of morning
Sing ye winds your mournful sound
Blow ye from the earth's four corners
Guide this traveller where he's bound

I've helped a ploughman tend his horses
Heard a rippling river sing
Talked to stars when night was falling
Seen a primrose welcome spring


By foreign shores, my feet have wandered
Heard a stranger call me friend
Every time my mind was troubled
Found a smile around the bend


There's a ship stands in the harbour
All prepared to cross the foam
Far off hills were fair and friendly
Still there's fairer hills at home


- Words by Tommy Makem