The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues

Makem press quotes

Millions have become fans through the brothers' stage appearances, performances on American public television, and sit downs on Irish talk shows. If you missed all three, you must not have been visiting Heaven when God was handing out Makem Brothers concert schedules. ...If you like your Celtic traditional, with bite, substance, historical perspective and pervasive joy, you'll absolutely love Stand Together.

Foster's Daily Democrat Showcase

Dover, NH

This is America's top Irish folk group

The Sunday Chronicle

Muskegon, Michigan

... they exude class in their chosen field.

Folk Roots Magazine


When it comes to gathering together an incredible, choice songbook of rare gems, (they) simply shine.

Portsmouth Herald

Portsmouth, NH

(They)...gave one of the best performances of the year...greeted by tumultuous applause with every song...wonderful music and song.

The Argus

Dundalk, Co. Louth Ireland

(They) are not just entertainers, they are full-time educators and communicators...Their textures and sounds make them one of the most original traditional groups that is on the Irish music scene today.


Laconia, New Hampshire

The third generation of legendary Irish folk musicians.

TV Guide

... what (they) have done is to restore the song tradition to its rightful place at the crossroads of history and music.

The Irish Connection

Detroit, Michigan

The lads put on a fabulous show! They proved to be powerful performers, gifted musicians, their harmonies were beautiful, and they had a fun, comfortable rapport with their audience and with each other.

The Celtic Informer

New Orleans, Louisiana

The boys are able to continue the Clancy-Makem mantle and yet be uniquely themselves with a freshness that shows real affection for the music..


Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania

(Their) ... particular strength ... lies in backing their right-on harmonies with powerful and somewhat unexpected instrumentation ... to create a synthesis of traditional Irish sound.

Dirty Linen

Baltimore, Maryland

They don't Makem like these guys anymore.

Quad City Times

Davenport, Iowa

One of the most sought after acts overnight.

The Patriot Ledger

Quincy, Massachusetts

Spain Brothers press quotes

The Spain Brothers are playing a well chosen hand of cards, but their opening hand is a promising one, and they are an act to watch out for. They have strong full bodied harmonies and a hearty enthusiasm for their chosen material. Their singing is strongly reminiscent of Liam and the late Paddy Clancy. The comparisons are obvious to the Clancy Brothers/Corries mix of multi instrumental versatility with an added touch of backwoods Americana.

-Folk Roots, London, UK

The Spain Brothers debut release, Heroes and Rogues, proves that there is plenty of life in those old songs to sustain new generations of fans. Their songs...are played with an unexpected level of freshness and energy. Banter is in the Spain Brothers blood, and so is the music.

-The Boston Sunday Globe

Not only are The Spain Brothers accomplished musicians with a great repertoire, but the energy with which they play and sing, and the enjoyment they exude in doing so, is both refreshing and infectious. They are electrifying as live performers, and they have a great CD. The Spain Brothers, a robust and enormously talented duo.

-John Nolan, Editor, Rochester and Dover Times

In the Tradition of the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, The Spain Brothers have delivered an album of rousing songs that defy you to sit and listen in silence. Marked by the bold confident voices of Mickey and Liam Spain, Heroes and Rogues features spirited versions of some old and some new songs. Heroes and Rogues...A Sterling debut.

-Roland Goodbody, WUNH Radio

Liam and Mickey Spain were born and raised in New England, but you'd never know to hear them that they weren't immigrants from the ould sod. Mickey sings lead with a sweet baritone voice that he can make raucous or rebellious as the selection warrants. Liam sings the kind of Harmony that is only achievable if two singers have sung together all their lives.

-Mike Miller, the Philadelphia Folk Song Society

I thoroughly enjoyed the Spain Brothers rendition of Flower of Scotland, and I know Roy, as I am, would have felt really gratified that the popularity of his song is continuing to spread so far in the world.

-Ronnie Browne, The Corries

The Spain Brothers are one of the most dynamic and energetic groups to enter the Irish song scene today. They will undoubtedly become staples of this genre sooner rather than later.

-Mike Dwyer, Fosters Daily Democrat

They have a great folk sound.

-Jim Larkin, Sounds of the Emerald Isle, WBET Radio