The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues


I held a lady
I wish I was a big, red apple
I wish I was hunting
I wish my love was a red, red rose
I once loved a lass
I'm going home to Mary
I'm gonna put on my walkin' boots
I'm not away to stay away
If all the young girls
If you should ask me where I'm bound
In the dark, green woods
In the town of Ballybay
Irish Rover
Isn't it grand
Johnny I hardly knew ye
Johnny McEldoo
Johnson's motor car
Jolly Tinker
Jug of Punch
Killy Burn Brae
Kitty Magee
Leatherwing bat
Leave her Johnny
Leaving of Liverpool
Legion of the rearguard
Little beggarman
Loch Tay boat song
Lord Nelson
Love is kind
Lowlands of Holland
Maid of Amsterdam
Maid of Ballydoo
Maid of Fife-e-o
Marie's Wedding
Mary Mack
McPherson's Lament
Month of January
Mormond Braes
Morning after blues
Moses Ri-Tooral-I-Ay
Mountain Dew
Move along, get along
Mrs. McGrath
Mrs. Rocket's Pub
My father loves Nikita Kruschev
My Lagan love
Nancy Whiskey
New South Wales
Newry Highwayman
No Irish need apply
November Keady Fair
October Winds
O'Donnell Abu
Oh, the prickle holly bush
Old maid in the garrett
Old woman from Wexford
Paddy Doyle's boots
Paddy Kelly's brew
Parting glass
Parting song
Patriot game
Peace and justice
Peg leg Jack
Peter Kagan and the Wind
Pretty Maggie-o