The Makem & Spain Brothers: The Tradition Continues


A jug ofthis
An Eirinn Ni Neosainn Ce Hi
Apples in the basket
Are you ready for a war?
As I Roved Out
Away to Mary Ann
B for Barney
Ballad of St. Anne's Reel
Ballynure Ballad
Band played waltzing matilda
Banks of red roses
Banks of the roses
Barbara Allen
Bard of Armagh
Barnyards of Delgaty
Battle of Benburb
Bells of rhymney
Big ship sailing
Black cavalry
Black velvet band
Blow ye winds
Blue eyed Mary
Bodenstown Churchyard
Bold O'Donahue
Bonny Charlie
Bonnie Hieland laddie
Botany Bay
Boys of Killybegs
Bread and fishes
Brennan on the Moor
Bridget O'Shea
Bungle rye
Butcher boy
Canada, my own land
Cape Breton of the welcomes
Can't kill cooch
Castle of Dromore
Coast of Malabar
Come by the hills
Connemara cradle song
Cotton mill song
Courtin' in the kitchen
Croppy boy
Cruiscan Lan
Curlew's song
D-day dodgers
Dawning of the day
Day of the Clipper
Derry jail
Doffin mistress
Early morning rain
Easy and slow
Eileen Aroon
Enniskillen dragoons
Ever the winds
Farewell to Carlingford
Farewell to Nova Scotia
Fiddler's green
Finnegan's wake
Foggy dew
Fond farewell
Four Green Fields
Freeborn man
Freedom's sons
Frosty weather
Gallant forty-twa
Garten mother's lullabye
Go down, you blood red roses
God bless England
Good ship Calibar
Granemore Hare
Great big sea
Grey October clouds
Gypsy rover
Haul away Joe
Henry Joy
High Germany
Hills of Connemara
Hills of Isle au Haut
Holy Ground
Home, boys, home
Humours of Donnybrook Fair